Farm Country Fabulous: How we got our name…

Owner and creator of Farm Country Fabulous blog and shop.

I grew up in a tiny crossroads called Ormondsville NC; daughter of Bruce and Marie Meadows. After getting married in December 1984 to my dirt farmer, Shea, I moved a whole 5 miles east to Scuffleton, NC. We joined the rest of the McLawhorn family and settled on the farm, which is now the Century old Triple M Farms, Inc.

If you hear laughter, that is because Scuffleton is not even a crossroads. It’s a tiny little community in Greene County, NC. As my daddy used to say, “Scuffleton has 3 churches and 2 joints” (joint = convenient store by day, bar by night). Scuffleton and Ormondsville are smack dab in the middle of farm country. And farm country is a different way of life.

Shea and I raised 3 boys on that Century Old Farm, Triple M Farms, Inc. Our crew has changed over the last 37 years. You will meet the boys and their families later: daughter – in – law and 3 grandkids. Unfortunately, we lost our Patriarch of the family in January 2021 after a short bought with cancer. There was nobody like “Grandaddy JB”. You will hear more about him in the future, too.

Definition of Fabulous: “Extraordinary, especially extraordinarily large”. I’ll just say this:

Our blessings are large;

His mercy is fabulous.

Hence; Farm Country Fabulous

It will begin to make sense as we go along…

So, come on along with us as Farm Country Fabulous evolves into something fabulous.

Thank you in advance for your support.